15 People who were tired of carrying extra pounds and now it’s hard to recognize them (15 pics)

Summer is coming, and we all want to have a perfect body that we can brag about in front of everyone. But being overweight prevents us from doing so, so the only thing we can do is start working on ourselves as soon as possible. It is not easy, but with a little motivation, hard work, and nutrition, the results will be visible very quickly.

We present to you 15 photos of people who have lost weight beyond recognition.

1. “I decided to lose weight, and when I do, I buy myself a nice suit. I managed to lose 65lb and here I am in a suit, just in time for my brother’s wedding.”

“To lose weight I started eating less than 25 grams a day.”

2. “Here I am, F/29/5’3″ [218lbs – 116lbs = 102lbs], I’ve been able to maintain the weight I want for 11 months.”

“I’m taking between 1,750-2,000 calories a day, and now I can fit in U.K. size 6, and used to wear size 22.”

3. Great Transformation, F/30/5’8″ [360lbs – 138lbs = 222lbs] (2.5 years).

“My acquaintances can’t believe how many pounds I’ve lost, all thanks to a mobile app that helped me tracking everything I ate during the day.”