16 Ingeniously weird gadgets only the Japanese could have invented (16 pics)

In order to make everyday life easier, people often invent gadgets that help us with small things but also some important things in life. When we talk about inventing things, then Japan is number 1 in the world, because the gadgets they can invent we can’t even imagine.

We present to you 16 gadgets originating from Japan that will make your life easier.

1. For all those who want to lose weight there is a Diet half-bowl.

Because of the mirror in this bowl, you will think you are eating twice as much.

2. Another small and significant gadget, the cupman lid holder.

This figurine is sensitive to temperature and gives you up to date when you can consume the ingredients from the bowl.

3. There are also napkin pants.

This is for those who have a habit of wiping their wet hands on their pants, and there are a lot of us.