16 People who turned things around and are now living their best lives (16 pics)

There are those days when nothing goes well for us, and when we feel bad and lost. Then we suddenly wake up, find motivation in the little things and start to fix our lives. Sometimes it takes a little more time to get everything back to normal, it’s just essential that we take the first step.

We present to you 16 photos of people who fixed their lives and are happy now.

1. “Here I am in the same place, 5 years later, and 252 lb less.”

2. “I finally feel great, it’s been 3 months since chemotherapy, and I’m overjoyed to get rid of cancer.”

3. “I was in a bad relationship, but when I got rid of that relationship, and a job I didn’t like, I went to Nepal, and a year later I found myself in New Zealand where I’m finally happy.”