16 Women who used to hate their noses, but are now proudly showing them off (16 pics)

Many will agree that they do not like something on their body, but there are people who change it, and those who accept themselves as they are and are proud of it. Usually, celebrities have a problem accepting what they don’t like, to be more precise we don’t mean all celebrities, because as you know many are embraced by their slightly bigger noses, and they don’t care what others say. The point is to accept ourselves as we are no matter what others say.

We present to you 16 women who initially hated their noses but are now proudly showing them off.

1. “My sister and I have the same nose.”

2. “People were talking about how I was supposed to have a nose job, so I saved up to do it, but I’m glad I didn’t.”

3. “Photos of my profile, I’m used to loving my profile.”