7 Gorgeous women who prove that skinny isn’t better (7 pics)

Everyone strives to bring their body to perfection. Usually, people have problems with being overweight so they struggle to lose weight, but there is another group of people who are too skinny and have a big problem gaining weight. If you thought being too skinny was good for your body then you are wrong because people who are too skinny have low muscle tone and decreased endurance.

Here are some examples of how some people have gone from being overly skinny to a perfect body.

1. She had 83 lb and managed to get to 110 lb.

In addition to weight, the girl gained happiness and health, which led to a better mood and self-confidence.

2. It took a while but she went from 103 lb to 125 lb.

She trained according to plan, and hard. After one and a half years looked at the photo of what it used to look like, and was overjoyed with the new look.