A FAMILY LIVED IN COMPLETE ISOLATION IN SIBERIA FOR 40 YEARS: When scientists found them, a terrible prophecy came true! (8 pics)

If there is an area that can be called an icy hell, then it is the Siberian taiga, the extreme subarctic climate makes it almost impossible to live. In these eerily isolated forests, where the temperature drops to fifty degrees below zero in the winter months, one family lived for more than four decades. In the place where God said “good night”, 240 kilometers away from the nearest settlement, three men and three women resisted the cold, hunger, and wild beasts, united by the faith of their ancestors and an almost pathological fear of the outside world.

1. In the summer of 1978, a group of geologists set out in search of the treasures that the earth hides. In a helicopter flying over dense forests near the border with Mongolia, on steep terrain near the Abakan River, the pilot saw something that shouldn’t have been there, traces of human presence.
An hour later, when they managed to find an area suitable for landing, the team members went in search of the mysterious people who inhabit perhaps the most inaccessible corner of our planet.

2. After about half an hour of walking, the scientists realized that there is still life on this part of the planet. When the group reached the dilapidated wooden cabin, its members had no idea that they would discover one of the most unusual stories of the twentieth century. Their arrival did not go unnoticed. An old man with a long, disheveled beard, dressed in rags, was peeking out from the doorway, through the slightly ajar door. He looked scared, but curious at the same time. The scientists greeted him politely, to which he, after a short pause, replied: “Well, since you have already traveled for so long, it would be my turn to invite you to the house.”