A FAMILY LIVED IN COMPLETE ISOLATION IN SIBERIA FOR 40 YEARS: When scientists found them, a terrible prophecy came true! (8 pics)

3. When they crossed the old man’s doorstep, the explorers felt as if they had returned to the Middle Ages. The dark room was as cold as a refrigerator, the floor was covered with potato peels and walnut shells, and the only light came through the unimaginably dirty windows, only a little larger than the palm of your hand. The silence was suddenly broken by soft sobs. In the corner of the only room, stood two women, who through tears shouted something about sin and punishment. Realizing that they were reacting to their presence, the scientists immediately left their homes.
The next day, after setting up camp nearby, they were approached by their unsuspecting host. The two women, still frightened but no longer in a panic, followed him at a safe distance. The old man politely but firmly refused the offered food. “We are not allowed”, he gave an explanation that said nothing. Seeing with what interest he looked at the bread on their table, the scientists asked him if he had ever eaten it. “I am,” he replied, and then, pointing to two women, added: “But my daughters are not. Moreover, they never even saw him”.