A model with Down syndrome stars in Gucci Ads, and 6 more campaigns that embrace the art of being yourself (8 pics)

You can often see lately that many campaigns and ads are appearing with the reason to make statements about diversity, accepting your body, racism awareness, and disabilities. That’s why new models with all skin tones, body types, and ages are appearing, and you can see them proudly walking the runways and appearing on the front pages. If you have paid attention then you have seen that many companies choose to show diversity, like Gucci, and we really admire them.

We present to you a few photos of models and companies that have decided to accept diversity.

1. Gucci

An 18-year-old girl, Ellie Goldstein, has Down syndrome. From the age of 15, she wanted to become a model, so Down syndrome did not stop her from becoming as famous as she always wanted.

As you can see, on the cover of Vogue magazine, Goldstein is wearing Gucci’s buildable Mascara L’Obscu. This mascara is designed for an authentic person who uses makeup to tell their story of freedom.

2. Burger King

This ad was launched in Brazil and shows a blind guy enjoying a cheeseburger, and he shares his opinions on the menu.