A NEWBORN BABY WALKS IN BRAZIL AND LEFT THE DOCTOR IN SHOCK: The video of the newborn baby amazed millions of people! (9 pics + VIDEO)

Pregnancy and childbirth are the most beautiful thing that can happen to every woman. During the period of life when they are the happiest, they enjoy every moment and carry a new life within themselves, which will continue to grow, create and become their own person. Just as that laundry makes parents proud, so does every new day for their baby. From the first tooth, the first word, the first smile but also the first step, parents are proud of their little ones and enjoy their every progress and exploration of the world. Let the baby do it sooner or later because we are all individual beings unto ourselves.

1. This newborn baby defied normal developmental goals and gravity. She stood on her little feet and walked around the hospital right after birth.

2. Newborn babies usually take up to 12 months to learn to walk, so this unusual situation that happened in the south of Brazil is fascinating to many people.

3. A baby usually walks only after reaching and passing other important developmental milestones, such as hand-eye coordination, sitting, and crawling.