A photographer found people he took photos of 40 years ago, and now they look really different (14 pics)

You can take some of the most beautiful photos by chance, just on the street, as a street photographer. A man named Chris Porsz was a street photographer for many years, and he photographed a large number of foreigners and preserved photographs. After 40 years, he decided to try to find some of these people, and take photos of them again. This is exactly how the series “Reunions” was created, where we have the opportunity to see people in the places where they were photographed 40 years ago, and since this series has been published as a book, Chris Porsz will donate money to charity for breast cancer research.

We present great photos of this photographer that will leave you speechless.

1. He photographed this man in 1981 and it took him 10 years to find him again.

2. They were hospital workers, he photographed them during lunch in 1983 and again in 2020.

3. A photo of these girls waiting for the bus was taken in 1981, and they have not seen each other since graduating from school until recently, after 32 years.