A WOMAN MARRIED A RAG DOLL, AND NOW THEIR MARRIAGE IS IN A BIG CRISIS: “He cheated on me while I was with my son in the hospital!” (10 pics)

An interesting story comes from Brazil, where Meirivone Rocha Moraes from Brazil married a doll sewn by her mother. Does everything work in this kind of marriage like in other marriages, disagreements, beautiful moments, care, and many other things that make our life, these are all questions that interest many.

1. Meirivone Rocha Moraes from Brazil attracted a lot of attention when she married a rag doll, which was sewn by her mother. As she says, she felt that it was love at first sight. This is the first such marriage in the world.

2. Her mother made a rag doll named Marcelo because Meirivone was very unhappy. After all, all her friends had someone and she was alone and had no one to have fun with, and as soon as Marcelo was finished she knew that “he is the one”.

3. However, it turns out that Marcelo is not the right man for her after she finds out that he is cheating on her. A friend of hers saw Marcelo how going to the hotel with another woman.