A woman spent $1.3 million to look like Kim Kardashian, and it was totally worth it! (10 pics)

Many times we see a great similarity between a celebrity and a normal person, as well as between normal people. It is also not so rare that people go to a plastic surgeon with some request to look or have something like their favorite star. This famous lady irresistibly resembles one of the most popular women in the world, without corrections, the resemblance is incredible, and in the further text, you will understand what she spent this amount of money on.

1. Chaly D.N is an influencer and fashion model from London. She is 30 years old and very popular.

2. She has more than 1.1 million followers on social networks and is one of the most successful influencers.

3. Chaly irresistibly resembles the most famous starlet of today, Kim Kardashian. Their resemblance is striking.