AT 423 lbs THIS BOY WAS THE FATTEST CHILD IN THE WORLD! He lost 235 lbs and doesn’t look like himself anymore! (10 pics)

We are constantly dealing with children who have an eating disorders. Every year, obesity is a bigger and bigger problem, especially among young people and children. This condition can bring many health problems. People have become less active, they move less, they don’t exercise, and in addition, they enjoy all the magic that food brings. It is no longer important how we look, but whether we are healthy or not. Heavy weight can cause a lot of complications for some other things and some other health problems.

1. Arya Permana is 15 years old today and managed to avoid the not-so-flattering nickname “the fattest boy in the world” that characterized his life a few years ago.

2. Five years ago, a photo of a morbidly obese child playing in a water tank trying to cool off his large body in a small village in Indonesia went viral.

3. Arya was so big that no clothes fit him, so only a sarong was wrapped, around him. He spent his days eating loads of junk food and drinking sodas, which resulted in this kid reaching a whopping 423 lbs.