EXPENSIVE ROLLS-ROYCE REMAINED IN THE SECOND PLAN BECAUSE OF HER SLIPPERS! The wife of the controversial millionaire was at the center of the attention! (10 pics)

Money and great wealth cannot buy fame and respect. A large number of stars, millionaires, and famous personalities, only attract people’s attention in this way, and that is by flaunting a large amount of money. It does not mean that you are happy or that you have too much style. Style is also not just about following trends, but about fitting in, you adapt fashion to your needs. Very often, we see some saucy pieces or several of them on the stars, and that’s all because of the thought that they keep up with the times.

1. The charismatic Gianluca Vacchi was born on August 5, 1967, in Bologna, where he graduated from the University of Economics and Business.

2. As an entrepreneur, he worked in various fields, including tourism, and fashion, and he attracted the attention of the public because of his lifestyle. In a short time, he became a real attraction.

3. He is also known for his eccentric way of dressing, which includes suits of specific colors and patterns, unique boots and shoes, and he especially likes to spend time in fine pajamas and barefoot.