FROM LOVER TO QUEEN WIFE: Diana used to say Camilla was ugly as a dog, and she was seducing the prince during that time! (10 pics)

4. Camilla later said she felt “very honored and very touched” by the public seal of approval. Camilla will be crowned alongside Charles at his coronation, just as the last Queen Consort, the Queen Mother, was.

5. But let’s remember who Camilla Parker is and how she got married to Charles. She didn’t have much in her favor: she wasn’t beautiful in her youth, Princess Diana allegedly compared her rival to a Rottweiler, she always preferred life on a country estate to balls, she didn’t want to be a fashion icon, she read everything except romance novels and fashion magazines, she didn’t like to wear make-up, and the man captivates with his humor and sharp tongue. During her childhood she was nicknamed “Mila”, she was popular, sociable and very lively.