FROM LOVER TO QUEEN WIFE: Diana used to say Camilla was ugly as a dog, and she was seducing the prince during that time! (10 pics)

6. When she turned sixteen, her parents enrolled her in a Swiss boarding school, and then she traveled to France to improve her language skills. For a while, she studied the French language and literature, and in her early twenties, she returned to her homeland and got a job in London as a secretary. Her relationship with Prince Charles is “to blame” for the polo match in 1970, where they met, and the sudden rain, due to which, by chance or not, they sought the same shelter. was charmed. They dated for three years, he proposed twice unsuccessfully, and when he joined the British Navy, she left him because she had no illusions that their relationship would end happily.

7. In the same year 1973, she married a distinguished officer of the Royal Guards, Andrew Parker-Bowles. He allegedly explained to her at the beginning that she would not be the only one in his life, but that he would tolerate her discreet relationships with others. Such an agreement suited her and the relationship was crowned with marriage. The future king was reportedly desperate to marry her, but eventually, they smoothed over their relationship and became friends. When Camilla Parker-Bowles gave birth to her son Thomas in 1974, she asked Charles to become the boy’s godfather a year later, which he accepted. Four years later, she also gave birth to a daughter, Laura.