HALLE BERRY LOOKS TWICE YOUNGER IN THE 6TH DECADE: She cut out only 3 foodstuffs, and this is the DIET to which she owes her top form! (10 pics)

4. After she found out about her illness, she turned over a new leaf and eliminated sweets and desserts from her diet, and reduced her intake of fruit. The first few weeks were not easy for her, she once admitted that during that period she felt severe headaches and mood swings, but after three weeks her desire for sweets disappeared, and her taste completely changed, as well as her complete health.

5. “I gave up rice, even whole meals, pasta, and bread, and I can tell you that I have never regretted it. I also learned a lot about the “keto diet” and replaced all high-calorie foods with their healthier alternatives.” – Said Berry.