HE IS 19 YEARS OLD, LOOKS LIKE A CHILD, BUT DRIVES A MILLION DOLLAR LIMOUSINE: People used to MOCK him, but now they worship him! (10 pics)

4. One of the popular videos currently circulating online is a video featuring Hasbullah and the famous Shaquille O’Neal. Hasbulla then “hits” the famous basketball player, and in the end, both of them laugh sweetly at this chance in the style of the overcome “Masas”.

5. Hasbulla rose to fame in 2020 when he started posting videos on “Instagram” and “TikTok”. Most of them show him doing pranks and accepting challenges, but what set him apart from the rest was his unusual appearance and above all – his confident attitude. People love him because he reminds them over and over again that no matter how hard life can be, you have to stay optimistic. This led to him having more than 2.1 million followers and almost 5 billion views on “TikTok” who knew how to appreciate his hard work and positive attitude.