HE MADE SHE TAKES CARE OF HIM, THE DIFFERENCE IN AGE CANNOT BE DELETED: The actor is nervous about a girlfriend 39 years younger! (6 pics)

Hans Lundgren was born on November 3, 1957, better known as Dolph Lundgren, is a Swedish actor, director, and martial artist. His breakthrough came in 1985 when he starred in “Rocky IV” as the imposing Soviet boxer “Ivan Drago”. Since then, Lundgren has starred in more than 80 films, almost all of them in the action genre. Lundgren graduated in Chemical Engineering from the “Royal Institute of Technology KTH” in the early 1980s and received his MSc in “Chemical Engineering” from the University of Sydney in 1982. He holds the rank of 4th Day Black Belt in “Kyokushin Karate” and was “European Champion” in 1980–81. While in Sydney, he became the bodyguard of Jamaican singer Grace Jones and began a relationship with her. He received a “Fulbright scholarship” to MIT and moved to Boston. Jones convinced him to drop out of university and move to New York to be with her and start acting, where, after a brief stint as a model and bouncer at Manhattan nightclub “The Limelight”, Lundgren landed his first role.

1. Dolph Lundgren has two marriages behind him. The first one with Perry Tom lasted barely a year. The second time he fatefully said “YES” to Anetta Quiberg, with whom he remained in a relationship for 17 years and with whom he had two daughters, Greta and Ida, who are also the same age as his current fiancee Emma, but actually only a few months older than her.

2. He is 64 years old and has a girlfriend who is 39 years younger than him. Precisely because of the younger girl, who is his daughter’s age, the actor does not give up even for a moment. He does not separate from his fiancee, who is 39 years younger than him, fitness instructor Emma Krokdahl, and there are rumors that this year he will finally step on the “crazy stone”.