HERE’S WHAT A $168,000 DINNER LOOKS LIKE! The chef of a famous restaurant announced the bill to his ARROGANT GUESTS, and everyone was in SHOCK! (10 pics)

Nusret Gokce was born in 1983 with the nickname Salt Bae, he is a Turkish butcher, chef, food entertainer, and restaurateur whose meat preparation and seasoning technique became an internet sensation in January 2017. He is the owner of Nusr-Et, a chain of luxury steakhouses. As of 2021, Nusr-Et has branches in Turkey, Greece, the United States, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. The name of his restaurant chain comes from his own name and “Et”, which means “meat” in Turkish. Nusret Gokce was born in Erzurum in a Kurdish family. His father, Faik, was a miner. Family finances forced him to drop out of school in the sixth grade to work as a butcher’s apprentice in Istanbul’s Kadikoy district

1. This world-renowned culinary master became an Internet sensation a few years ago, whose popularity is growing day by day.

2. The first restaurant was opened in Istanbul together with Mithat Erdem, who became famous for his meat steaks.

3. They founded it intending to make it a “paradise for carnivores”.