HUGE SADNESS – WORLD CHAMPION PASSED AWAY (24): Suffered an attack in the waves and drowned! He was a CHILD WONDER! (10 pics)

Surfing is a surface water sport in which an individual, the surfer, uses a board to ride the front of a moving wave of water, which usually carries the surfer toward shore. Waves suitable for surfing are primarily found on ocean shores, in the open ocean, in lakes, in tidal bore rivers, or in wave pools. The term surfing refers to a person who rides a wave using a board, regardless of stance.

1. Former World Surfing Champion Kalani David has died at the age of 24 after suffering an attack while surfing in Costa Rica.

2. As a boy, Kalani suffered from “Wolf-Parkinson-White” syndrome, which causes seizures and paralysis, but that did not stop him from becoming the world champion in surfing in the under-16 category in 2012.

3. The talented athlete had heart surgery six years ago and spoke openly about the risk involved in playing this sport.