In 2004, she was declared the most beautiful girl in the world when she was only 3 years old! You won’t believe how she looks today! (10 pics)

It cannot be said for all children that they know what they will be doing tomorrow from the time they are young. For some, it is more than obvious, such as this beauty. Since she was a child, she was incredibly beautiful, captivated by her appearance at every moment. Characteristic lips, big blue eyes, simply a perfect look. When she grew up, nothing changed. Captivating beauty at every step as well as good business skills. She is young, but she uses every moment. The world she moves in literally seems to have been created for her.

1. She is no stranger to fame, she is the daughter of soccer player Patrick Blondeau and television presenter and fashion designer Veronika Lubri.

2. French model Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau has been in the international spotlight since an early age, walking her first runway for “Jean Paul Gaultier”.

3. It’s been over a decade since she made her debut, and now she’s continued her modeling career, working with the biggest names in the global fashion industry.