IN THE SEVENTH DECADE, THIS LADY TOOK DOWN TOPLESS, SHE BREAKS THE INTERNET: Showed her breasts without shame, only a woman full of self-confidence can do that! (6 pics)

Sharon Von Stone, born March 10, 1958, is an American actress. Known primarily for playing femme Fatales and mysterious women in film and television, she became one of the most popular sex symbols of the 1990s. She has won various accolades, including a “Primetime Emmy Award”, a “Golden Globe Award”, and an “Academy Award” nomination. She received a star on the “Hollywood Walk of Fame” in 1995 and was named an “Officer of the Order of Arts and Letters” in France in 2005.

1. Hollywood actress Sharon Stone showed how to wear years, and justified the title of the sexiest woman. In the past, men were crazy about her, and as the years go by, the actress looks better and more confident.

This time, Sharon made her Instagram followers aware by sharing a provocative photo, showing once again what it means to be a self-aware woman who adores her age.

2. The actress is 64 years old, many congratulate her on her courage, because she dared to strip topless and immortalize that moment with a photo. In addition to her handsome body, the photo also shows a wide smile, which captivates and shows how much Sharon enjoys herself.