ONE OF THE MOST FAMOUS DESIGNERS AT 73 YEARS OLD LOOKS LIKE SHE’S 32: But why does Vera Wang hide that she has 2 daughters? (10 pics)

4. Since very little is known about them, and they are almost never photographed with their famous mother, the public concluded that Vera is hiding them.

5. Vera Wang worked at the fashion magazine Vogue, she was one of the main people there:

“I thought I would always be one of those fashionistas who lived, ate, and breathed fashion.”

And then there was a reversal. At the age of forty, Vera decided to make a change in her life. She marries Arthur Becker, starts her own design where she only makes wedding dresses, and then at the age of forty-one, she adopts a daughter, Cecilia, and then Josephine Becker.