QATAR’S STRICT RULES ARE NOT VALID FOR THESE BEAUTIES! Wives of certain football players are allowed to BRAG all they want! (10 pics)

The World Cup in football has started in a big way. The country of Qatar is the host of this year’s World Cup in football. So Arab countries have some rules they are supposed to follow, one of which concerns the dress code.

When you are in Qatar, you have to be conservatively dressed. Long pants and shirts are almost mandatory for men in public. Women’s clothing should cover the shoulders, upper arms, and knees. Swimwear, such as bikinis or bathing suits, is only allowed in hotel pools and only in the places where the majority of guests stay are foreigners.

1. In 2014. the country launched a campaign to remind tourists of their dress code. Tourists shouldn’t wear leggings, short skirts, sleeveless dresses, and short and tight clothing in public. The same is for men about shorts and T-shirts. This is one example of a woman looking modern and decent in this country.

2. The World Cup in football is officially open at the “Al-Bayt” Stadium, and since then, the football players and their families haven’t stopped attracting the attention and interest of the public.

3. The rules of football are clear, and we all know that players have accommodation in hotels where they stay collectively. However, the question is, where will their better halves be during that time?