RUTH SAYS FOR HERSELF THAT SHE IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN ON THE PLANET! “Nobody is even like me, that’s why they hate me!” (10 pics)

All social networks, like the Internet itself, are full of people with perfect looks. Lots of filters and photoshop, that’s why it’s hard for us to believe that someone can really look like that. Of course, nothing is impossible. But people are very often immediately in a mood to criticize and condemn and be in disbelief, precisely because so many false things surround us and are served to us every day.

1. Ruth Telles is a Brazilian fitness influencer, model, and social media influencer.

2. Due to her popularity, there is also an interest in her fans about her private life, her career, love life, plans, etc.

3. Fitness influencer Ruth Telles says she has the flattest stomach and narrowest waist on social media.