SHE COVERED EACH OF HIS CHEATING WITH A NEW PREGNANCY: After 23 years of marriage and four children, one problem remains! (6 pics)

Although we think that everything is perfect in the life of celebrities, we are wrong. There is much we do not know about their lives, various affairs, and turbulences that we learn with great surprise.

1. The famous and legendary British football player David Beckham (47) and fashion designer Victoria (48) have been married for 23 years. In those 23 years, they had 4 children Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper Seven. Although they have been married for over 2 decades and everything seems to be perfect in their marriage, the truth is completely different. Throughout their married life, they were followed by scandals and affairs that they covered up and gave their love a new chance.

2. As we know, the former member of the group “Spice Girls” had to overcome some things. They are each other’s great support in life, but their marriage almost “broke”. Back in 2004, the former football player’s personal assistant at the time, Rebecca Los, spoke publicly about the alleged affair with Beckham. As proof of the affair, she showed the messages that he allegedly sent her, and recounted the details of their sexual life. However, Victoria believed her husband and soon after became pregnant with their third child.