SHE HAD 264lb AT 23, SHE COULD EAT THE WHOLE CAKE IN A SECOND, they didn’t let her buy a WEDDING DRESS in the boutique, so she decided to change and now she is super hot (7 pics)

Ali Bruch (29), a hairdresser from Milwaukee and a mother of two, was looking for a wedding dress a few years ago and when she found a beautiful white dress the salesman snatched it from her hand and sent it to the plus-size model’s department.

1. After that, she decided to lose weight and before her wedding, she lost an impressive 83lb. But she didn’t stop there, so she switched from size 50 to 40 and lost 125lb. Then she was so proud of her achievement that she spent over 15000 dollars on plastic surgery for her new figure, including breast augmentation and stomach liposuction.

2. “I was looking for a wedding dress. I didn’t have self-confidence but I was excited because it was a special day. I immediately caught a glimpse of a dress and took it. After a few seconds, the salesman took the dress from my hand, told me it wouldn’t suit me, and I was referred to the plus-size model’s department. Of course, I was aware of my size, but when a stranger says something like that to your face, it hurts. It really broke my confidence. I realized I needed to change something urgently. The dress was for my special day and I didn’t want people to look at me and notice only my weight”- Ali recalled.