SHE HAS MORE BEAUTIFUL CURVES THAN KIM KARDASHIAN, AND NO ONE BELIEVE THEY ARE NATURAL! And then they saw her mom and were speechless! (10 pics)

As standards in fashion change every few years, so do standards in beauty. Most people prefer to see bigger and clearer curves than classic skinny girls. Some can even overdo it, it usually happens to guys because they start training and can’t stop. It is certainly beautiful to see a well-groomed body, a person who takes care of himself and takes care of himself. But perfect curves do not always depend only on exercise and good nutrition, we have often seen that there is a lot to do with the genetics of our parents.

1. Andrelys Segovia is a personal trainer and nutritionist who sculpted a body in the gym that would make even Kim Kardashian jealous.

2. All her curves are natural, although many do not believe her. She points out that good genetics are mostly responsible for this, because her mother is also too fat, as well as regular exercise and a special diet.

3. Her hourglass figure attracts attention wherever she appears and in any fashion combination, it doesn’t matter if it’s completely buttoned up.