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Jennifer Audrey Coolidge was born on August 28, 1961. She is an American actress. Primarily known for her roles in comedy films and television, she is perhaps best known for her roles as “Jeanine”, “Stifler’s Mom” ​​in the film series “American Pie” and “Paulette Bonafonte Parcelle” in the film series “Legally Blonde”. She is a regular cast member in Christopher Guest’s mockumentaries such as “Best in Show”; “A Mighty Wind”; “For Your Consideration” and “Mascots”. Coolidge is a former member of “The Groundlings” an improv and sketch comedy group based in Los Angeles.

1. Actress Jennifer Coolidge is again in the spotlight with her role in the series “White Lotus”, for which she was nominated for an “Emmy Award”.

2. She is not an ordinary Hollywood star, she is much more than that, which is why very little is known about her private life.

3. Although she is 61 years old, she looks amazing. The secret of her appearance is in any case plastic surgery.