She was a sexy pregnant woman! Now she’s the hottest mom! Everyone hates her because they envy her! (10 pics)

The famous model looks fantastic. In addition to the fact that it is her job to be beautiful, this lady has a perfect body. It didn’t happen overnight. She is very careful about her curves, and her whole body, even during pregnancy, for which she was criticized by people. Everyone does what they think is best for them. In addition to great training, she also pays a lot of attention to what she puts in her body from food. This young model has only life ahead of her, even though she is accomplished in the role of wife and mother.

1. Model Sarah Stage, who is 31 years old, has always attracted attention with her appearance and seductive body.

2. During her pregnancy, the beautiful model was the target of criticism and derogatory comments, because she took great care of her body.

3. Mothers and women all over the world attacked her with negative comments, saying that it’s not okay for her to focus so much on her appearance as she should be focusing on her child.