SHE’S INTO THE 6TH DECADE AND HER BODY SPEAKS DIFFERENTLY: The famous actress discovered the “elixir of youth”! (10 pics)

The elixir of youth is something we would all like to have, both for beauty and health, but there is no magic wand or elixir, just good tricks that you may or may not know to keep your youth and vitality as long as possible. We often hear advice from famous ladies on how to look good even in their later years, sometimes it’s expensive treatments, but sometimes it’s the simplest things that are in front of our eyes every day. This time we reveal to you what this famous actress tells us.

1. Donna D’Errico became famous for her role in the television series “Baywatch” from 1996 to 1998. The actress, like her colleagues, ran on the beach in the series in a red one-piece swimsuit that highlighted her ravishing curves.

2. The actress is well into her 6th decade, and it seems as if she has discovered the elixir of eternal youth. It is also known that she had a lot of aesthetic procedures, while she even had 4 in one day.

3. She admitted that she likes the positive comments about her youthful appearance, but pointed out that it can also be counterproductive.