TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT THIS WOMAN’S FACE: This is HOW girls in the UK see beauty today and want to look like HER! (10 pics)

The twenty-first century brought us many novelties that were not so common before. Previously, plastic surgery was used in rare situations, in some extreme cases. Today, everything is much different, everything is much more accessible, and many women and men exaggerate, but because of that, they start very early in the whole world of plastic, seeking perfection. Mostly, the use of plastic surgery at an early age is an expression of inner dissatisfaction. Now that the natural look is slowly returning, a huge number of women still want to look plastic and supposedly perfect.

1. The world media is writing about multimedia personality Katie Price and how she destroyed herself with multiple operations.

2. She went from being a cute girl to looking like a plastic doll, as many call her.

3. Katie doesn’t even know how many “beauty” surgeries she’s had. Breast surgery alone had “about 12”.