THE BARB WENT THROUGH THE CHEST LIKE A HOT KNIFE THROUGH BUTTER! Filmed death of CROCODILE HUNTER: He just looked calmly and said…! (10 pics)

4. Irwin was diving that day filming for his new show. The team’s focus was the deadly tiger shark. After failing to find it, Irwin instead turned to the nearly two-and-a-half-foot giant ray to film it for another project he was working on. Steve Irwin swam above stingrays, which are normally harmless in most cases. At one point, a stingray pierced his chest with a barb, apparently thinking it was a shark.

5. Stingrays normally use the spines, which are actually three poisonous spinal blades in the tail, as a defense mechanism when someone threatens them or when they are stepped on. The stingray pierced his chest with a barb and stabbed the poisonous spike directly into his heart.