The couple splurged on casinos and luxury hotels after a bank mistakenly deposited £5.2million into their account! (10 pics)

A large number of people on the planet live a difficult life in the absence of finances. Also, all of them, including those who are financially secure, want more, more and more. Some try to earn as much as possible, some to save, some try to win the lottery, and in various ways, people try to improve their financial situation. Someone gets them, by accident or not, but is that really what is the most important, or does it just seem that way to us?

1. Young married couple Hui ‘Leo’ Gao and Kara Hurring accidentally put £5.2m into their bank account.

2. In 2009, they applied for a £52,000 loan to help with their petrol station business in New Zealand.

3. The best news and luck was that the loan was approved, but not only that, their account received a hundred times more money than they asked for.