THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PRISONER LEAVES WOMEN BREATHLESS WITH THIS MOVE: They tried to shoot him, he was in prison, and today he is enjoying wealth! (10 pics)

Jeremy Ray Meeks was born on February 7, 1984. is an American fashion model. This guy’s story looks like a movie script with many genres mixed together. Namely, the life of the “most desirable prisoner”, as he was called by the world public, changed completely at the moment when he thought that the end had come for him. It was thanks to the photo at the time of his arrest, which reached the public, that he became an international star, and then many doors opened for him.

1. The blue-eyed beauty was born with drug addiction, as both his parents used narcotics. In addition, they were often convicted for various misdeeds.

“Both my parents were addicts. I was born addicted to heroin because my mother took it when she was pregnant with me.” – He said in an interview.

2. “My childhood was very dark. My father killed Laura, my mother’s friend when I was nine months old. He was looking for my mother and me, and she was the only one who knew where we were. Later he realized that we rented the apartment above her. He stabbed her 36 times while her son slept in the next room.” – A famous fashion model opened his soul.

Father Ray went to prison for that heinous act in 1984, and Meeks grew up with mother Katie in appalling conditions. All this led him to go down the wrong path.

3. “Growing up in such an environment was very difficult. I injected my mother with drugs when I was a boy and protected her from abusive partners. I had to grow up quickly, start working and bring money so that we would have something to eat.” – Says the former prisoner.