THE REVENGE OF AN ABANDONED WOMAN IS THE SWEETEST! Her husband left her after 18 years, she turned over a new leaf, and now she looks AMAZING! (8 pics)

For many people, breaking up a long-term relationship or getting a divorce is one of the most stressful things in life. We can often hear that after this collapse of love, someone completely succumbs and destroys himself, indulges in alcohol, depression, or something even worse and worse. We also have the example of people who got only the best out of such crashes, an opportunity for their advancement. They became more successful in business, drastically changed their appearance for the better, and many other things. In this article, you will see an example of how after 18 years of long love, seemingly everything can collapse, but did it disturb anyone?

1. After 18 years, Emma Sheppard separated from her husband in 2020, when she felt “worthless”. Today, two years later, after finding inner happiness, she lives life to the fullest. Emma is a social worker from Blackpool, she said:

“I feel amazing like beauty comes from within. I’m floating with happiness.”

2. A mother of two, she realized it was time to take care of herself after spending years of her life taking care of everyone else. She hit the gym, ditched her unhealthy diet, started getting fit, and even joined Tinder, turning her life around.

“Before, I always just worked hard and took care of everyone else. But one day after the divorce I realized that it was my turn to take care of myself. I looked old, empty, and exhausted, and now my life is better than ever. I am happy and I look completely different.” – Emma explained.