THE VIDEO BECAME A HIT ON THE INTERNET! Father’s reaction when he found out in the maternity hospital that his wife was carrying TRIPLETS, and he was expecting one child! (5 pics+VIDEO)

Many will agree that there is no better feeling than the moment you have a baby, especially if you get a few of them, and you didn’t expect that. In the rest of the article, you will see a father who did not know that his wife was carrying triplets, and his reaction is incredible.

1. When he found out that it was not one baby, he thought they were twins and that made him very happy.

“They’re twins, right? That’s beautiful!” – He said.

2. However, his wife explained it to him differently, “A” is the first baby” – and then fell silent and left the father to think for himself once more, then added – “this is baby “B” and baby “C”, where he looked in confusion at photos.