This girl posts unedited photos and shows us how we should all be proud of ourselves and our bodies! (10 pics)

The twenty-first century and new trends are presented to us every day on social networks, but also in newspapers and on television, absolutely everywhere. There is everything, from fashion, food, and cosmetics, we look at everything every day and imagine it as the only right thing, we try to identify with the people from the advertisements, but it’s not even realistic and besides all that, all those photos went through a great defense and process. The pursuit of that kind of perfection frustrates us more and more. It is good that there are some people who talk about the real side and show it. The point is to first be satisfied and happy from the inside, then it will all project onward.

1. Bree Lenehan is a famous Australian woman who uses social media to beautifully show the difference between using a photo shop and fake shine and normal everyday photos.

2. She wants to send a message that people should not believe everything they see on the Internet, and not follow everything that is “popular”, but enjoy their achievements and be happy with themselves.

3. Bree believes that a large number of people experience depression every day, as well as other states of dissatisfaction, which are often caused by seeing “perfect” figures and photos on social networks.