TOTAL FASHION DISASTER OF A WOMAN WHO LIVES WITH THE KING OF FASHION: Salma Hayek in a dress two sizes smaller! (6 pics)

Throughout her career, Selma Hayek has graced the covers of numerous international magazines, including North America’s “InStyle”; “Elle”; “Premiere”; “Glamor” and “Variety”; Britain’s “Maxim”; ‘Marie Claire” and “Total Film” and France’s “Entrevue” and “Madame. She was one of fifteen women chosen by guest editor Meghan, “Duchess of Sussex”, to appear on the September 2019 cover of “British Vogue”. Many consider her the sexiest woman in the world, and how she is rated in the world of fashion, um, would not be the most positive.

1. The famous actress is very often the target of criticism because of her dress. It happened that the cut and appearance did not match the whole outfit, but it did not happen until now that she wore a small dress.

2. It is undeniable that the actress is a beautiful woman, well-groomed and very successful in business, she looks fantastic for her age, but when it comes to fashion failures, she is as good at that as she is at acting, but one dress, in particular, stands out as a target of fashion critics.