WHEN SHE TAKE OFF THE HEAVY MAKEUP AND EXTENSIONS, THIS IS WHAT’S LEFT: Ladies and gentlemen, this is Kim Kardashian without makeup! (6 pics)

The Kardashian family has been very popular and followed for the past couple of years and we can’t wait for the paparazzi to release something new about them.

1. It is known that the Kardashian sisters have imposed a beauty trend that all women try to follow, but not with much success. We found out that it was all an illusion.

2. If you think being Kim Kardashian is easy then you are wrong. She gets up at 5 in the morning, practices for about an hour, and then comes her “glam” team, an army of make-up artists, stylists, and hairdressers. So she sits on a chair for about 2 hours while they fix her, where of course she looks quite ordinary before the make-up. You may remember that in her reality show, she showed the audience her real face, without make-up.